Subscribe To Podcast

There are several ways to listen to the Geeks Interrupted podcast.

You can subscribe to our podcast for free using software on your computer or an app on your smartphone or tablet which will automatically download new episodes as they become available. The benefit of subscribing is that whenever there is a new episode of our show that becomes available; it will automatically be downloaded by your podcast software or app. You can also access our previous shows.

There are 3 easy steps to subscribe to our podcast.

1. Get some podcast software

You have to download a piece of software or app which will usually use a podcast directory. Search for us under “Geeks Interrupted” and press/click Subscribe. If you cannot find us in the directory, please let us know what program you’re using via our Contact page.

Here is a list of podcasting software and apps on many different platforms: Always read the set-up and help guides for new programs. Below are some direct links to our favourite podcast apps:


Subscribe on Android


Listen to Stitcher

2. Alternatively, add the address of our podcast feed into your podcasting software

Our podcast feed is:

rssAnother way to subscribe to our show is to copy the URL address above and add it to your podcast software. Detailed instructions on how to add a feed should be provided with your podcasting software.

3. Start downloading

The software will download any subsequent shows as soon as they become available. As a general rule – our podcasts will be made several hours shortly after broadcast, usually around early Tuesday mornings if it’s our regular show on Monday nights.

If you have any issues or problems with downloading our podcast, please contact us.