Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and guest host Mark Havas are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

This week’s stories:

Scooti Whooti?

Scooti on 3AW [UberPeople]
Combined Notice Of Appointment And First Meeting Of Creditors Of Company Under Administration [ASIC]

Federal Court: 5 Stars

Gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson launches court action to unmask Google reviewer [ABC News]

A tax? On my intarwebs? It’s more likely than you think.

Broadband tax bill gets senate committee green light [ITNews]
Explanatory Memorandum [Australian Parliament]


Twitter is considering warning users when politicians post misleading tweets [Vox]
Twitter is testing new ways to fight misinformation — including a community-based points system [NBC]

88 MPH

Hackers stuck a 2-inch strip of tape on a 35-mph speed sign and successfully tricked 2 Teslas into accelerating to 85 mph [Business Insider]

Obligatory Apple stuff

Apple Media Event Rumored for End of March, ‘iPhone SE 2’ Launch on April 3 [MacRumours]
$399 “AirPods Generation X” appear in the inventory logs at Target [AppleInformed]
Target inventory system also includes placeholder listings for new Apple TV, iPod touch, and Apple Watch bands [9to5Mac]
Digitimes: New ’12-inch’ iPad Pro in production with 3D-sensing rear camera, likely March launch [9to5Mac]

Vale Larry Tesler

Larry Tesler, the Apple employee who invented cut, copy and paste, dies at 74 [Cult of Mac]

Vale Jens Nygaard Knudsen

LEGO design legend Jens Nygaard Knudsen passes away [Brick Fanatics]
Creator of LEGO figure Jens Nygaard Knudsen dead at 78 [Deccan Herald]

Seven West Media Goes West

Seven West Media studios business looked at by ITV [The Age]

Other stuff we mentioned this week:

NBN Co sees 250Mbps take-up rise after price cut [ITNews]

Brisbane to get 60 all-electric mass transit vehicles for metro fleet [The Driven]
BMW launches wireless electric car charging system touted as convenient but inefficient [Electrek]
Israel tests wireless charging roads for electric vehicles [Scientific American]

DC Super Heroes Series [Lego]

Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Mark Macdowell are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

This week’s stories:

Vodafone & TPG get jiggy

Vodafone and TPG $15bn merger gets court approval [ITNews]
Vodafone to bring 5G to 650 sites Australia-wide [ITNews]

… without anesthetic?

Court says Melbourne dentist can seek user details from Google over bad review [The Guardian
Judge allows Melbourne dentist to try new tactic to more quickly unmask negative online reviewer [ABC News]

Regulate me

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook must accept some state regulation [The Guardian]

Samsung S20 Launch

Here’s everything Samsung just announced at Unpacked 2020 [TechCrunch]
Samsung S20 Pricing [Samsung]

MWC cancelled

GSMA cancels MWC 2020 following exhibitor exodus over coronavirus [VentureBeat]

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh

Queen fronted by Adam Lambert reprises band’s iconic 1985 Live Aid set for Fire Fight Australia concert [ABC News]

Rick Moranis returns to acting

80s icon Rick Moranis coming out of retirement for ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ sequel [Yahoo! Sports]

Other stuff we mentioned:

Streisand Effect [Wikipedia]

Firefox Facebook Container [Mozilla]

2020 – QUEEN+Adam Lambert – Fire Fight Concert – Australia [YouTube]

Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Mark Macdowell are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

This week’s stories:

Apple’s OTP Proposal

Apple Engineers Propose Standardized Format for SMS One-Time Passcodes [MacRumours]
Apple seeks to simplify two-step verifications with standard SMS format [Apple Insider]

University Challenge

Outrage as University of Newcastle to track student attendance using mobile phones [ABC News]

Nice work, Amy

Yarra Trams data breach: Commuters’ email addresses exposed [The Age]

That must be taking a toll

Toll services impacted by cyber security incident [ATN]
Toll IT Systems Update [Toll]

Ol’ Musky at it again

Elon Musk’s mind-reading technology could be about to take a big leap forward [ZDNet]

Apple Maps less crap

Apple Spent 7 Long Years On Its New Version of Apple Maps. Here Are the Key Details, Plus Apple’s Plan to Take on Google [Inc]

Fuck’s sake, it’s “TEN”

Apple fined for slowing down old iPhones [BBC News]

Vale Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas dies aged 103 [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Oscars News

The 2020 Oscar Winners [Dark Horizons]

Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Mark Macdowell are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

This week’s stories:

Our NBN sucks

‘Embarrassingly slow’: Australia’s broadband internet ranked fourth slowest in OECD [The New Daily]

Buy now, late fees later

Buy now, pay later services bring in new code of conduct [ABC News]
Afterpay’s late fees make up 24pc of its income; ASIC recommends buy now, pay later law reform [ABC News]

Optoutus [ZDNet]
Regulator hits Optus with $504,000 fine for spamming customers [The Age]
Optus to pay AU$6.4 million for misleading NBN disconnection claims [ZDNet]

Money, money, money

Royal Australian Mint expects lowly silver coins to be phased out amid rise of contactless payments [ABC News]

We need a new plague

Plague Inc. maker: Don’t use our game for coronavirus modeling [Ars Technica]
Statement on the current Coronavirus outbreak [Ndemic Creations]

EU Charxit

EU lawmakers snub Apple’s pleas, overwhelmingly vote to push for charging cable standard [Apple Insider]
EU lawmakers vote in favor of common charger despite Apple’s plea [Android Authority]
The EU is moving ahead with push for a common charging standard after decisive vote [TechSpot]

Apple’s website invasion

Apple Arcade promotion takes over Apple website [Apple Insider]

We are not amused

The Crown will end after season five, with Imelda Staunton as Queen [The Guardian]
Imelda Staunton set to replace Olivia Colman in Netflix’s The Crown [The Guardian]
How Prince Andrew forced me to recognise the hollowness of The Crown [The Guardian]
‘The Crown’ Fails To Make Netflix’s Lists Of Its Most Popular Shows In The UK [Deadline]


MoviePass and its parent company file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy [TechSpot]
MoviePass may owe money to 12,000 subscribers as it files for bankruptcy liquidation [USA Today]
AMC Theatres’ $20 monthly subscription plan rivals MoviePass [CNN Business]
Exposed MoviePass database put thousands of customers’ information at risk [TechSpot]
MoviePass Scandal Changed Users’ Passwords So They Couldn’t See Movies, Report Says [IGN]
MoviePass Reportedly Charging Bank Accounts Despite Closing Shop [GameSpot]
MoviePass Continues to Get Worse, Only Makes Two Movies Available at a Time [Slashfilm]

Other stuff we mentioned:

Buy Now, Pay Later codes of practice


World of Warcraft Corrupted Blood incident


Better Call Saul season five trailer

Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Mark Macdowell are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

This week’s stories:

ESA’s AWS Drama

AWS outage cripples ACT Emergency Services Agency website as Canberra bushfire rages [ITNews]
AWS suffers cloud problems in Sydney region [ITNews]

Great, another source of anxiety

Victoria rolls out electric car charging stations to tackle ‘range anxiety’ [The Age]

People are seeing red and are very cross

Red Cross goes offline in bid to protect staff after security incident [The Age]

CES 2020

Samsung Sero TV is TikTok ready – and heading to the West [TechRadar]
Sony surprises with an electric concept car called the Vision-S [The Verge]
Inside Intel’s Ghost Canyon NUC, the incredibly small modular desktop PC [The Verge]
CES 2020: highlights, video and everything announced at the world’s biggest tech show [TechRadar]

Flexing their muscles

Amazon moves to bypass couriers with everyday Aussies delivering parcels: Amazon Flex [ETFM]

Unencrypted iCloud Backups

Exclusive: Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained – sources [Reuters]

Two down, four to go

Terry Jones of Monty Python fame dies aged 77; Eric Idle, John Cleese and Michael Palin pay tribute [ABC News]

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard knows Star Trek is a hard sell in 2020 [The Verge]
Star Trek: Picard is a fresh look at Trek with phasers set to angry [Cnet]

Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?

Hank Azaria will no longer voice The Simpsons’ Apu [The New Daily]

Other stuff we mentioned:

Fully Charged

Office Ladies