Show Us Ya Map Of Tassie: confirmation CovidSAFE app sucks, WWDC free this year*, Uber losing billions and vale Roy Horn & Little Richard [Episode 334]

Phil Edwards, Mark Macdowell and Andy Blume aren’t back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

Note: Due to limitations surrounding COVID-19 and access to the 3WBC studios, this episode was pre-recorded from our homes. As such, the usual high production values (chortle) and excellent audio quality (more chortle) is missing. We’re doing our best to bring you the show as close to normal as possible, so please bear with us.

This week’s stories:

Told Ya So

Australian government admits its COVIDSafe app doesn’t work on iOS [iMore]

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Superannuation Man!

Early access to superannuation paused as police freeze $120,000 in allegedly stolen funds [The Guardian]

Apple Stores Are Back

Apple Stores reopen in Australia [AppleInsider]

Zoom Tries To Fix Stuff

Zoom buys Keybase to help it build end-to-end encryption [ITNews]

Uber Still Losing Money

Uber loses $2.9 billion, offloads bike and scooter business [Tech Xplore]

Don’t Log In With Facebook

Spotify, TikTok, and other popular iOS apps were crashing due to a Facebook issue [The Verge]

WWDC Is Free – conditions apply

Apple’s Remote WWDC Gets An Official Start Date In June, Here’s How To Attend [Gizmodo]

Vale Roy Horn

Roy from Vegas illusionist duo Siegfried & Roy dies [The Age]

Vale Little Richard

Little Richard Dead at 87 [Pitchfork]

CBS Gives Us All Access

CBS All Access To Get Summer Reboot, Adding New Films And Shows Ahead Of Global Expansion – Update [Deadline]

Man DeLorean

Boba Fett Is Reportedly Coming To The Mandalorian [Gizmodo]

Other stuff we mentioned:

COVIDSafe Source Code [Github]
@swearyanthony [Twitter]

The Virtual Production of The Mandalorian, Season One [YouTube]