Don’t Mention The War: Cambridge Analytica still a problem for Facebook, biometric scanning replaces school roll calls, Netflix ditches free trials and vale James Lipton [Episode 326]

Phil Edwards, Mark Macdowell and Andy Blume are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

This week’s stories:

Moar Facebook Drama

Australian privacy watchdog launches court action against Facebook over Cambridge Analytica access [ABC News]

Facial Recognition

Australian schools have been trialling facial recognition technology, despite serious concerns about children’s data [Gizmodo]

Flowery Twats

Motel guest charged $50 for writing ‘defamatory’ online review and given 24 hours to remove it [ABC News]

Government Regulated pr0n

Australian House committee recommends age verification for porn and loot box access [ZDNet]

We’re all gonna die

Retail iPhone 11 inventory dries up in NYC as coronavirus hits supply [AppleInsider]
From cancellations to delays, how COVID-19 is shaking up the tech industry [AppleInsider]
eBay bans face mask and hand sanitizer listings to halt coronavirus price gouging [The Verge]

Women In IT Awards

Cisco names Women in IT Award winners [ChannelLife]

Vale James Lipton

James Lipton, Creator and Host of ‘Inside the Actors Studio,’ Dies at 93 [Hollywood Reporter]

Netflix Ditches Trials

Netflix Quietly Removes 30 Day Free Trials In Australia [Gizmodo]

Other stuff we mentioned:

Family accidentally buys 2,300 toilet rolls prior to national supermarket sell-out [ABC News]

Wag The Dog [Wikipedia]

Meet “The Simpsons” Voice Actors – Behind the Scenes Interview – Funny [YouTube]