First Time In The Hot Seat: UoN phone tracking plan, Yarra Trams can’t use email, Apple Maps upgrades and Vale Kirk Douglas [Episode 322]

Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Mark Macdowell are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

This week’s stories:

Apple’s OTP Proposal

Apple Engineers Propose Standardized Format for SMS One-Time Passcodes [MacRumours]
Apple seeks to simplify two-step verifications with standard SMS format [Apple Insider]

University Challenge

Outrage as University of Newcastle to track student attendance using mobile phones [ABC News]

Nice work, Amy

Yarra Trams data breach: Commuters’ email addresses exposed [The Age]

That must be taking a toll

Toll services impacted by cyber security incident [ATN]
Toll IT Systems Update [Toll]

Ol’ Musky at it again

Elon Musk’s mind-reading technology could be about to take a big leap forward [ZDNet]

Apple Maps less crap

Apple Spent 7 Long Years On Its New Version of Apple Maps. Here Are the Key Details, Plus Apple’s Plan to Take on Google [Inc]

Fuck’s sake, it’s “TEN”

Apple fined for slowing down old iPhones [BBC News]

Vale Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas dies aged 103 [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Oscars News

The 2020 Oscar Winners [Dark Horizons]