It’s Only A Paper Moon: NBNCo’s wholesale updates, Facebook pretends to care about you, Area 51 raids and remembering Aron Eisenberg [Episode 308]

Phil Edwards and Andy Blume are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

This week’s stories:

Dutton’s Database

Big Brother: Every Victorian’s driver’s licence to be uploaded to database [The Age]

NBN’s ups and downs

NBN Co floats “up to” gigabit speeds for $80 a month [ITNews]
No ‘Netflix tax’ on way: NBN Co floats new high-speed plan and discounts [The Age]
NBN pricing paper proposes new 100/20, 250/25, and 1000/50Mbps tiers [ZDNet Australia]

Telstra’s eSIM now available

Telstra to support eSIMs for new iPhones [ITNews]
Telstra eSIM [Telstra]
What is an eSIM? Providers & Features Explained [Canstar Blue]

Facebook wants you to think it cares

Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps in ongoing privacy investigation [Ars Technica]
Facebook suspends ‘tens of thousands’ of apps from 400 developers over improper data use [The Verge]
Facebook plans launch of its own “Supreme Court” for handling takedown appeals [Ars Technica]
Facebook unveils its plan for oversight board [BBC News]

This is a WiFi 6 certified tech program

Wi-Fi 6 certification is here to make next-gen speeds a widespread reality [CNET]
Wi-Fi 6 Explained: The Next Generation of Wi-Fi [Techspot]

Area 51 Raids

People weren’t kidding about that Area 51 raid and the videos were fun enough to make everyone a believer [Time]
Area 51 raid: people gather near US military base to ‘see them aliens’ [The Guardian]

AusPost taps into NFC

Australia Post’s Digital iD taps into NFC on iPhones [ITNews]

Vale Aron Eisenberg

Remembering Aron Eisenberg, 1969-2019 [Star Trek/CBS]

The Far Side isn’t so far off…

Gary Larson’s THE FAR SIDE Cartoon Coming Back [Nerdist]

Disney+ pre-orders

Disney+ Service Now Taking Pre-Orders [Dark Horizons]

2019 Emmy Awards

The 2019 Emmy Award Winners [Dark Horizons]

Other stuff we mentioned:

The 7th Rule

It’s Only A Paper Moon (ST:DS9)

Perry Bible Fellowship

Explain xkcd

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