The Gubmint Is Corrupt!: McMobile fines, Samsung announce the Galaxy Note 10 & the Apple Card now available [Episode 302]

Andy Blume, Phil Edwards and Mark MacDowell are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things geek.

Show Notes:

Australian telcos fined for not revealing how slow their internet speeds might be on the NBN [ABC News]
Aussie Broadband accepts the ACMA ruling on information standard [Aussie Broadband]
Aussie Broadband fined [Whirlpool]

Mobile phone payments ban at takeaway drive-throughs spark motorist backlash [ABC News]

ACCC takes HealthEngine to court over alleged data misuse [IT News]
Thousands of medical histories exposed in data breach [Sydney Morning Herald]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Everything Announced Today [Gizmodo Australia]
Telstra Pre-order [Telstra]
Samsung ads mocking iPhones quietly deleted as it follows Apple’s example [9to5Mac]

Trump calls for social media companies to ‘detect mass shooters before they strike’ [The Verge]
Reports say White House has drafted an order putting the FCC in charge of monitoring social media [TechCrunch]

Men who send unsolicited dick pics are bigger narcissists, study finds [Vice]

Apple, Goldman Sachs start issuing Apple Cards to consumers [IT News]
The Apple Card starts rolling out today [The Verge]
Apple releases videos that show how the Apple Card works [The Verge]

Disney announces $12.99 bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ [The Verge]

Nine makes Singo an offer for his Macquarie Media Shares [RadioInfo]

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