Are Retweets Endorsements?, Winamp Returns & CBS Picks Up HYBPA [Episode 266]

Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Daniel Olivares are back in the studio with this week’s look at all things Geek.

Show Notes:
Lawyers say Uber class action may see it pay ‘hundreds of millions’ [The Age]
Scott Morrison’s website taken over by troll, now plays lewd rock song [The Age]
Australia’s Fair Work Commission to decide whether retweet equals endorsement [The Guardian]
Telstra expects profit to be cut in half after full NBN roll out [ARN]
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies of cancer complications at 65 [Reuters]
Winamp returns in 2019 to whip the llama’s ass harder than ever [TechCrunch]
Facebook Admitted That It Was Inflating Video Metrics. Now a Lawsuit Says the Problem Started Much Earlier—and Was Way Worse [Fortune]
Anti-piracy bill takes aim at ‘cyberlockers’, search engines [Computerworld Australia]
Apple sets ‘More in the Making’ event for Oct. 30 [Cult Of Mac]
Apple Customers in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Can Download a Copy of Their Data Starting Today [MacRumors]
WarnerMedia To Launch Streaming Service In 2019, Comprising Content From HBO, Warner Bros., More [TubeFilter]
‘Luke Cage’ Becomes Second Marvel Series To Get The Axe From Netflix []
CBS Studios International To Shop Australian Quiz Format ‘Have You Been Paying Attention?’ Globally [Deadline]
Introducing SoundStudio [NuroSound]
Netflix accused of changing movie posters to match your ethnicity [Fashion Journal]
The Alarming Way Netflix Customizes Itself To Our Tastes [Cracked]
Curiosity Show gets a second chance at life, goes viral on YouTube [ABC News]

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